Recipe serves: 12

Tomato Soup

2 Tbsp canola oil
2 each medium onions, chopped
3 each canned tomatoes, peeled and diced in juice (411g)
¾ cup mozzarella, finely shredded
4 ½ Tbsp chicken soup powder
3 cup hot water
1 ½ cup milk (2%)
5 shakes Tabascco sauce
Israeli "Soup almonds"

Preparation steps:
  1. Saute the onions until golden brown.
  2. Process the onions, cheese and 1 cup of the hot water in a blender until the cheese dissolves in the puree. Caution: using the blender with hot liquids is dangerous. Press the blender cover down with a kitchen towel when turning the blender on, so the hot liquids don't splash out.
  3. Transfer the puree to a large pot.
  4. Process the tomatoes in a blender and transfer to the pot.
  5. Mix 1 cup of hot water with the chicken soup powder and transfer to the pot.
  6. Add the 3rd cup of hot water, milk and Tabascco sauce.
  7. Cook for 20 minutes.
Serving: Garnish with Israeli "Soup almonds" and/or chives
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