Recipe amount: 7 medium jars

Pickled plums

8 lbs firm Italian plums (prunes)
2 lbs sugar
1 cup white vinegar
½-1 tsp cinnamon
7-14 each whole clove

Preparation steps:
  1. Poke each plum 3 times with a fork. Transfer the plums to a large stainless steel mixing bowl. (12"-15" diameter bowl)
  2. In a medium pot bring to boil the sugar and vinegar. The liquid is ready when the color turns from white to clear. Pour the hot liquid over the plums and mix gently to coat the fruit. Keep the plums uncovered at room temperature.
  3. For the next 3 days, strain the liquids from the mixing bowl into a a medium pot. Bring the syrup to boil. Pour the hot liquid over the plums and mix gently to coat the fruit. Each day the syrup amount increases, as the plums release liquids. Continue to keep the plums uncovered at room temperature.
  4. On the 5th day sterilize the jars and lids using boiling water.
  5. In each jar place 1-2 whole clove and a dash (1/16 - 1/8 teaspoon)of cinnamon.
  6. Once the sterilize jars are ready with the clove and cinnamon, bring the fruit and syrup to simmer in a large pot. Transfer the plums to the jars immediately. (Cook the plums until small bubbles start to float in the middle of the pot. Boiling the plums would break them apart)
  7. Pour the liquid to fill the jars to the top. Seal the jars.
  8. Optional: Turn the jars upside down for 10 minutes.
Personal notes
This recipe comes from Margaret's aunt in Poland. Margaret and me made it into a tradition to pickle the Italian plums together in the end the summer.
Picture of recipe

Take note!
  • The pickled plums are ready
    after one week.
  • The jars can be stored at room
    temperature for up to 2 year.
    Once a jar is opened it should be
    kept in the refrigerator.
  • Jars - use 16 oz size jars.
    Each jar can store 10-12 plums.
  • The plums should be mostly submerged
    in the liquid in the end the 5th day.
    If the plums didn't release enough
    liquids by the 5th day, continue
    the process and do the canning
    on the 6th day.